Building Representatives

Officers for 2017-2018

President – Taylor Sturtevant

Vice President – Kyle Fredericks

Treasurer – Kim Tyszkowski

VP Membership – Rachel Herbert

VP Communications – Katie Tafe

Secretary – Ann Antonelli

Current Directors and Alternates:

  • Braintree High: Dwayne Dahlbeck, Victoria Joyce, Emily Oliver, Susan Smith
  • East: Mary Hanson, Patrick Condon, Erin Joyce
  • South: Kristina Macauley, Matt Sawtelle
  • Flaherty: Lorraine Liston, Victoria Dewey
  • Hollis: Lisa Pacino
  • Highlands: Shannon Umbro, Lindsay Linnane
  • Liberty: Julie Hankes, Colleen Cleveland
  • Morrison: Jessica Cabral
  • Monatiquot: Ashley Harmon
  • Ross : Claire Brady, Matt Morris
  • Administrative Assistants: Kathy Petrelli
  • Paraprofessionals: Debbie Crowley, Leanne Polson, Patty Norton

Open positions:

Directors Responsibilities:

  • Attend each Board of Directors Meeting and any special meeting called by the President.
  • Hold meetings in their own buildings to acquaint members with the actions taken in the monthly Board meetings and of special meetings.
  • Represent the members who elect them at meetings of the Board of Directors and in other Association matters.
  • Solicit and collect Association dues and/or payroll deduction pledges for dues.
  • Attend a minimum of two BEA events throughout the school year.

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