Executive Board


 Name:  Brent Taylor Sturtevant

Position:  8th Grade Math Teacher at South Middle School

Contact:  braintreeedpresident@gmail.com

Fun Facts:  This is Taylor’s sixth year serving as our president.  He and his wife Meaghan have two daughters, Mila and Caleigh.  Taylor went to Flaherty Elementary school as a child back when it was called Lakeside, and Mrs. Flaherty was the principal. Growing up he had a 7 foot praying mantis made out of car bumpers, which decorated his front lawn.


Vice President

 Name:  Kyle Fredericks

Position:  History Teacher at Braintree High School

Contact:  kyle@kfredericks.net

Fun Facts:  Kyle is our head of negotiations. Last summer Kyle traveled to Belize; it was the 23rd country he has had the pleasure of visiting.



 Name:  Kim Tyszkowski

Position:  School Psychologist at Hollis and Morrison

Contact:  ktysz@msn.com

Fun Facts:  This is Kim’s third year serving as our treasurer. Growing up Kim wanted to be one of Charlie’s Angels (the TV show, not the movie). In high school and college she rocked BIG HAIR (spiral perm + tease comb + hairspray = GORGEOUS!) She is patiently waiting for big hair to come back into style.  Kim loves to dance and sing loudly and badly in her car.


Vice President of  Membership

 Name:  Rachel Herbert

Position:  6th Grade Social Studies Teacher at East Middle School

Contact:  vpmembershipBEA@gmail.com

Fun Facts:  This is Rachel’s third year serving as our VP of Membership. Rachel originally went to college to become a Spanish teacher but now teaches our sixth graders about ancient civilizations.  She and her husband Chris have a daughter named Sophie. Sophie spent a lot of time canvassing with her mom for “Question 2”.


Vice President of  Communications

 Name:  Katie Tafe

Position:  4th Grade Language Based Teacher at Hollis Elementary School

Contact:  braintreeeducators@gmail.com

Fun Facts:  This is Katie’s fourth year serving as our VP of Communication. She’s been working in the Braintree schools since 2006, starting out as as a substitute teacher, then paraeducator, and is currently a special education teacher. Katie is also on the MTA board of directors. In her free time she loves relaxing with a good book and spending time with her family.



 Name:  Ann Antonelli

Position:  Paraeducator at Hollis Elementary School

Contact:  annaok12360@gmail.com

Fun Facts:  Ann has served as our BEA secretary for several years.  She works in the fourth grade language based classroom at Hollis and is a huge country music fan.  Ann loves spending time with her two grandsons, especially having them over for Sunday dinners.


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