Red for Ed Rally

You’ve seen it in Arizona, Oakland, and Oklahoma–now its OUR TURN!

On Thursday May 16th teachers from around the state will gather at the State House to DEMAND that our public schools are FULLY FUNDED. As it stands, our state government is under-funding public education by more than $1-2 BILLION a year. For Braintree alone that is a loss of $4,043,481!

Imagine what we could do with the funding we deserve. We could fix that leaky roof, replace moldy carpets, remove asbestos, solve heating/cooling issues, purchase technology, books, and classroom supplies. These funds would not only help us fix existing problems, but would help us prepare for future success in a rapidly growing district. I know we are all proud to work with what we have, but imagine if we had what we actually needed???

Maybe you think, “Well, I’ve got it pretty good in Braintree.” Maybe you don’t need more support, classroom supplies, or technology. If that’s the case, then consider students and teachers in nearby Brockton. If our campaign is successful it would mean an additional $46,484,084 for their district!!!

Please wear RED and join us in demonstrating to our legislators that WE WILL FIGHT to preserve public education and the success of our students.

In Solidarity,

Katie, Rachel and Taylor

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